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Have you recently discovered you’re going to have to move quickly? Perhaps, you just landed your dream job in another state. Or, you may have recently inherited your grandmother’s beautiful house. Regardless of your unique situation, consider hiring a professional moving company. The staff at a moving company can carefully and correctly pack your beloved things, load them on a van, and drive them to your new residence. Once at your new place, these individuals can safely unload your belongings while you concentrate on more important things like making sure you and your family members eat healthy and get proper rest. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a moving company can make an upcoming move less stressful and more enjoyable.


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Stackable Bins—A Solution For The Storage, Protection, And Transportation Of Raw Materials And Finished Goods

Finished products and raw materials can get dirty or scatter across of your warehouse's flooring if you do not use sturdy containers for storage. One way to reduce mishaps is by purchasing stackable bins. Besides being able to store materials efficiently, workers will be able to remain in their work areas longer, since the bins will contain plenty of space for all of the materials that are that needed throughout a shift.

Use Bins For Heavy And Light Items

Stackable bins are designed to hold loose components as well as manufactured items that are ready to sell. Provide each department with their own set of bins. Some bins contain compartments and other style contain shelving units. Choose bins that are suitable for the type of materials that your employees will be working with.

Specify that you would like your crew to store heavier items in the bins that are lowest to the floor and lighter items inside of the bins that will be elevated and stacked on top of others. This will prevent struggling to lift heavy items when a bin is going to be detached from a unit. 

Using The Bins Outdoors Won't Pose An Issue

If your receiving crew tends to stay on the loading dock when opening cartons that have been delivered to your business, stackable bins will make it convenient for your crew to check in materials. After counting up various supplies, they can be placed inside of a bin.

If you purchase stackable bins that contain casters, moving all of the supplies that have been received can be accomplished by pushing the unit across the dock and through the door to the warehouse.

The bins can be transported through the rows of shelves that raw materials are kept on and each material that is in one of the bins can then be put away. Bins that are constructed of plastic or metal can be cleaned with a rag and cleanser if the storage units get dirty when they are outdoors.

Bins Will Keep Items Off The Floor Or A Table

If your crew used to stack items on the floor or on a table prior to shipping them to customers, this won't be necessary any longer. After products are manufactured, instructed your employees to push a set of bins over to the packing area.

Workers who are responsible for packing items can unload the products from each bin and place them inside of cartons before setting the cartons up on the dock where they will be picked up by a delivery driver.

For more information on stackable bins, reach out to a supplier near you.